Software developers are not only responsible for writing codes, building, and testing applications. They must be responsible for avoiding security risks for the project and the company as a whole. Due to the growing use of the internet, applications, tools, and technology, security risks have skyrocketed. It’s a major challenge for any software developer to try to avoid the common threats that have dominated the software development industry for so long.

Avoiding Security Risks must be a part of the development strategy. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of companies first trying to build software, and later after it's ready…

Advertisement? WTF?

Let's talk about a thing I have been pondering for a while i.e Advertisement. The advertisement has influenced us directly or indirectly in many decisions we make. I don’t like the way the celebrities are put in the advertisement without skin in the game. Let’s say a hot lady talks about the services offered by banking institutions. Indirectly, she is insisting us to use the services provided by those institutions. What if the bank has been declared bankrupt? What if the bankers with ties were frauds? Who shall be responsible? …

I have used Netbeans, Eclipse, STS, and Intellij IDEA but Intellij has been my ultimate choice since my first use. It is one of the best IDE for developing applications. Compared to other IDEs, it provides strong support for autocomplete feature. The debugging feature in it is a lot easier and the User Interface is awesome. I just love it.

Using shortcuts helps us to do more in less time. I have my favorite IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts mentioned below.

Note: I have GNOME as a keymap setting in my IDE.

Rename (Shift + F6)

This is the most frequently used shortcut for me. It…

At the time of writing this article, there is no official support of Stripe for React-Native. I, having knowledge of backend, was trying to create RESTful endpoints to integrate Stripe payment using Spring boot. Although the documentation of Stripe is aesthetically designed, I really had a tough time doing it. I find nothing useful for React-Native in the docs.

There are three ways by which we can initiate a payment using Stripe payment.

  1. Stripe Checkout
  2. Charges API
  3. PaymentIntent API

Stripe Checkout redirects customers to the prebuilt page and accepts payment. This is not what I wanted for my mobile application…

I was working on a project where I have to find the nearest stores from the current location within X kilometer distance. I was skeptical if I can deliver the story within the promised timeframe. I googled and found out this cool thing called Haversive Formula. I was able to deliver it way before the expected time. The Haversine formula calculates the shortest distance between two points on a sphere using their latitudes and longitudes measured along the surface. It is important for use in navigation.

I have latitude and longitude stored in the table. The Entity Store looks like:

Programming is fun until you have to incorporate a new requirement that changes the whole design of your code. Everyone writes code but it’s too difficult to write a code that your colleagues can understand. It’s difficult to write a code that sucks less and doesn’t succumb to changes. However, there are a few design principles that can be learned, practiced, and absorbed so that it will make us suck less.

Design principles are basic guidelines that help us to avoid bad object-oriented design. Nobody is going to point a gun towards you and make you adhere to it strictly…

A couple of days ago, I was assigned an X task and it needs to be finished within a day or two. It wasn’t an insurmountable problem but there were a lot of things to alter. Just after the sprint planning, I discussed with one of my colleagues about the approach of solving that task. At that time, one solution popped into my brain out of nowhere and I was continuously seeking evidence to support that solution.

Later, while trying to solve the problem, my solutions were only centered on that approach which had struck me since the beginning. I…

I stumbled across the term “Intermittent Fasting” probably a year ago. However, I was not much attracted to it. I was overweight and looking for a change. I was reluctantly doing HITT workout for about thirty to forty minutes every day. It was working pretty well but a hesitation to wake up early and work out was quite too high.

There are different forms of Intermittent Fastings (IFs). The easiest and popular one is 16:8. A day will be divided into two sections where you are allowed to eat and where you aren’t. The eating window is 8 hours and…

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